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Green Party of Ontario: Platform, news and contact information for the ecologically oriented party (similar sites)

Texas Ornithological Society: Sightings reports, meetings, TOS-LIST e-mail group, field trips, publications, and sanctuaries (similar sites)

NAS Corpus Christi: Supports operations of aviation activities and units of the Naval Air Training Command, Helicopter Mine Countermeasures Squadron FIFTEEN, and other tenant activities and units (similar sites)

Euro-Asia GameBoy: Devoted to upcoming, as well as current, GameBoy Advance releases (similar sites)

Spiritual Disciplines: A very useful starting point for traditional spiritual disciplines and practices (similar sites)

Aviano Air Base, Italy: Home of the 31st Fighter Wing. Leadership biographies, history, newcomer's information, and photo gallery (similar sites)

United Anglican Church: The home base for the United Anglican Church. Contains denomination information, parish listings, Bishop lists, news, faqs and contact information (similar sites)

Government of Canada Securities: Quarterly update describing the federal government's debt program and recent developments in fixed-income markets and the economy (similar sites)

University of Manchester: Official site with general information and links to the various institutions that make up the university (similar sites)

Lampstand Ministries Great Banquet: Interdenominational renewal movement based in Kentucky. Includes communities, upcoming events, and history (similar sites)

dEUS.be: Official site featuring community message boards, chat, mailing list, news, links, concert recordings and interviews for download, streaming video, fan club, archival material, resources and free e-mail (similar sites)

Papers on Knot Theory at arxiv.org.: Search for papers held at LANL with the word 'knot' in them (similar sites)

Congressman Robert A. Brady: Official web site for Representative Robert Brady (D - PA) (similar sites)

Alvin Lucier: Official website (similar sites)

The Frank Welker HomePage: Official tribute with news, photos, biography, multimedia, and the exclusive "Ask Frank" Q&A feature (similar sites)

Rogers State University: Rogers State University offers a liberal curriculum with degrees in many fields (similar sites)

Congressman Alan Lowenthal: Official web site of the U.S. Representative of California's 47th District (similar sites)

Leaves of Grass: The complete online HTML text, extensively annotated, with references cross-linked to the Encyclopedia of the Self (similar sites)

Magic Kit: The definitive HuC6280 Assembler package for DOS, Linux and RiscOS. Includes thorough technical information about PCE/TGX internals, as well as in-depth tutorials on coding sprite routines. Maintained by David Michel (similar sites)

King's College London: Official site of this London college (similar sites)

Reason Online: Political journal advocating the gamut of libertarian causes (similar sites)

White Wolf's World of Darkness: Supporting live, tabletop, and card games, this is the official site for the venues within the World of Darkness (similar sites)

Bruenjes Family / Moonglow Observatory: Photos of solar eclipses, readings from a home built seismometer, hourly weather reports, links, and family information (similar sites)

Supreme Court of the United States: Official page of the United States Supreme Court, featuring court's opinions and orders, calendar and schedules, rules, news releases and general information (similar sites)

University of Strathclyde Prospectuses: Order printed prospectuses or view online versions (similar sites)

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