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Sunriver Chamber of Commerce: Provides tourist and demographic information, events and activities in the community. Contains member businesses by category, membership, location and contact details (similar sites)

Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grisham: Official website of the U.S. Representative for the 1st District of New Mexico (similar sites)

Phillips, Craig & Dean: Official site with biographies, concert schedule, online store, album reviews, and photo gallery (similar sites)

Aerosmith - Official Site: Includes tour dates, profiles, history, discography, lyrics, audio and video files, and mailing list (similar sites)

Configuration Management Frequently Asked Questions: The official FAQ of Usenet newsgroup comp.software.config-mgmt (similar sites)

Division of Parks and Recreation: State parks commission. Includes listings of state parks and beaches, maps, events, and accessibility information (similar sites)

U.S. Congressman Raul M. Grijalva: Official website for U.S. Representative Raul Grijalva from Arizona's 3rd congressional district, Democratic party (similar sites)

New Jersey Department of Transportation: Official page. Includes construction and proposed project information and news releases (similar sites)

University of Essex: Official site with information for prospective and current students, and staff. Includes details of courses, applications, departments, services, and research (similar sites)

Burlington Public Library: Describes library services, collections, events, special sites for kids, teens, seniors, local history, genealogy and community links (similar sites)

City of Wilmington's Official Site: Provides information under various categories such as doing business with the City of Wilmington, local community information and tourist attractions (similar sites)

School of Business: Provides information for students, faculty and staff listings, alumni resources, and visitor information (similar sites)

Wilhelm Furtwangler, Genius Forged in the Cauldron of War: Peter Gutmann provides a brief biography and extensive examination of his artistry clashing with Nazi morality and politics. Contrasts him to Herbert von Karajan and provides a discography (similar sites)

Guildford Flames: Includes details of the squad, fixture list, latest news, match photos, statistics, online shop, junior development, links, a corporate section, and rules of the game (similar sites)

Fellowship Of Independent Methodist Churches: Official website. List of churches, history, doctrine, Bible study, missionary focus, youth, camps, magazine and news (similar sites)

MLM Watch: Exposes pyramid schemes get-rich hype and dubious product claims. Authored by Stephen Barrett, M.D. of Quackwatch (similar sites)

Counting Crows: Official site includes sound bites, interviews, news, touring information, trader network, online store, and images (similar sites)

Castle Point Borough Council: The official Council website for the Castle Point Borough. Includes A - Z services, events, councillors, refuse collection and local information (similar sites)

The International Centre for Birds of Prey: Probably the most significant collection of Birds of Prey in the world, with around 300 birds of prey and owls. Leading the world in captive breeding, having bred 50 species so far (similar sites)

The Vast Empire: Star Wars roleplaying on the Undernet. View site with or without Shockwave (similar sites)

Congressman Mel Watt: Official site of the U.S. Representative for the 12th District of North Carolina, Democratic party (similar sites)

The Socialist International: Worldwide organization of major socialist, social democratic and labour parties (e.g. the British Labour Party, French Socialist Party, and Swedish Social Democrats). Largest political organization in the world. Background, membership, resolutions, meeting reports, regular newsletter (similar sites)

Cato Unbound: Monthly topical discussions between four libertarian and nonlibertarian scholars selected by the Cato Institute for participatio (similar sites)

Links to Theosophical Books Online: A broad and eclectic definition of 'theosophy' is used. Includes links to books, booklets, collections of articles, as well as significant articles and pamphlets (similar sites)

Pennsylvania Democratic Party: Official site; includes news, contacts, information on issues and candidates, links and opportunities to get involved (similar sites)

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