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Golden Key International Honour Society: A non-profit, invitation only honors organization, which strives to recognize and encourage students who have excelled academically in all fields of undergraduate study. Aims, benefits of membership, scholarships and awards, conferences, chapters and online store (similar sites)

Virtual Religion Index: Large link collection from Rutgers University, categorised by religion. Also includes resources for ancient religions, archaeology, philosophy, sociology of religion, and psychology of religion (similar sites)

Rendition: Official site. Provides film information, trailer, show times, and character profiles (similar sites)

Letterboxing North America: US-based portal offering FAQ, links, forums, and a members-only section where clues can be submitted (similar sites)

Senator Daniel K. Inouye: Official site, including highlights of Senate news important to Hawaiins, biography with a "go for broke" account of World War II service, committees, contact details, accomplishments, legislation, appropriations information, constituent services, federal and Hawaii resources, speeches, and press releases (similar sites)

Femina: A popular women's magazine. Website has features on fashion, reltionships, beauty, health and food (similar sites)

Southwest Minnesota State University: Official site (similar sites)

Oracle Corporation: A leading supplier of software for enterprise information management (similar sites)

FinnDiscog: Pan Sonic: The site contains the band history, the discography, the latest Pan Sonic news and many articles (similar sites)

The Qualitative Report: An online journal dedicated to qualitative research (similar sites)

International Cinematographers Guild: Labor union which represents cinematographers and photographers in the motion picture, television and commercial industry. Special sections on Academy Awards, Oscars (similar sites)

Lee University: Official site for this Christ-centered liberal arts campus in Cleveland, Tennessee (similar sites)

2008 Beijing Games: Official site of the Chinese Summer Olympics. Contains fact sheets, athlete and venue profiles, cultural information and news (similar sites)

Eaxia Online: A free text-based, online role-playing fantasy adventure game (similar sites)

Tufts University: Operates at several locations, offering liberal arts, engineering, arts and sciences, veterinary medicine, dental medicine, law and diplomacy and others (similar sites)

Avesta -- Zoroastrian Archives: The complete text of the extant Avesta, the most ancient scriptures of Zoroastrianism, as well as many Pahlavi scriptures. Information about the Avestan language, and substantial resources for students of Zoroastrian religion (similar sites)

Wikipedia: Parkour: Article that gives an overview of the sport. Includes history, interview with the co-founder, and the impact of commercialization (similar sites)

The SCO Group, Inc.: Develops, supports small/mid scale Unix server OSs and business system software for network computing; products, related services: OpenServer, OpenUnix, UnixWare. Unix intellectual property licensing. Was Santa Cruz Operation, Caldera Systems, Caldera International. Stock: SCOXQ.PK (similar sites)

Zap: A configurable and extensible programmer's editor. It has a large number of features designed to facilitate programming, as well as full text editing capabilities (similar sites)

mod_perl: The "official" mod_perl web site (similar sites)

Fan's Guide to the Midwest League: League news, team profiles, links, and MWL history (similar sites)

Office of Prevention, Pesticides and Toxic Substances: Develops national strategies for toxic substance control and promotes pollution prevention and the public's right to know about chemical risks (similar sites)

Case Studies in Environmental Medicine (CSEM): Self-instructional publications designed to increase the primary care provider's knowledge of hazardous substances in the environment (similar sites)

The Cessna Company: Cessna company home page (similar sites)

University of Ottawa: Ontario based university offering undergraduate, graduate and professional programs. Includes details on academics, admissions, organizations, news, and alumni statistics (similar sites)

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