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Illinois State Treasurer: Provides news and information on services including unclaimed property, Illinois Funds, state programs, business loans and programs (similar sites)

DragonFly BSD: Fork of FreeBSD 4.11, focus: scalability, robustness, and debuggability in several broad system traits, especially threading and symetric multiprocessing, SMP (similar sites)

The New York Times: Portraits of Grief: A glimpse into the life of every victim of the attack, continuing until each person's story has been recorded (similar sites)

Zap: A configurable and extensible programmer's editor. It has a large number of features designed to facilitate programming, as well as full text editing capabilities (similar sites)

Missouri State Parks and Historic Sites: Department of Natural Resources, Information concerning state parks and state historic sites in Missouri. Lists information on 80 Missouri state parks. Sorted by region (similar sites)

University of Chicago Library: Main site for the eight campus libraries. Resources include over 6.5 million volumes, over 25,000 linear feet of manuscript and archival pieces, and 400,000 maps and aerial photographs. Online catalog and digital collection (similar sites)

Ecclesia: Daily updated, full reference to the Church of Greece and a commentary on world issues from the orthodox perspective (similar sites)

Preventing Adverse Health Effects From Exposure to Beryllium on the Job: US OSHA Hazard Information Bulletin on this substance (similar sites)

Object Management Group: Distributed object computing industry standards group founded in 1989. Defined standards include CORBA and IIOP (similar sites)

IBM Systems: Official site for IT systems from International Business Machines (similar sites)

Multimedia Language Center: Supports the language learning experience of undergraduate students by providing access to Internet resources, including online international newspapers, magazines and dictionaries, primary historical, literary and cultural documents as well as a variety of authentic multimedia language materials (similar sites)

ArtWorks 2: MW Software's new, updated, version of Artworks that includes features such as graduated transparency and CMYK ink simulation (similar sites)

NIAAA: National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Supports and conducts biomedical and behavioral research on the causes, consequences, treatment, and prevention of alcoholism and alcohol-related problems. Part of (NIH) National Institutes of Health (similar sites)

Greater San Diego Business Association: Empowers and promotes gay and lesbian businesses, professionals, and supportive members of the gay and lesbian community (similar sites)

Los Angeles Air Force Base: Home of the Space and Missile Systems Center, and the 61st Air Base Group. Other tenant units include AFOSI Detachment 110 and the 369th Recruiting Squadron (similar sites)

Government of the Northwest Territories: Official site offers listings of government departments, an image gallery, map, politics, investments and job opportunities (similar sites)

Seat: International website of the car manufacturer. Contains information on current Seat models, the company, events, and national websites. [English and Spanish (similar sites)

What is a Chemical Engineer?: Great introduction to what it means to be a chemical engineer (similar sites)

Balliol College: Official college pages, with news, prospectuses, list of fellows, and details of conference facilities (similar sites)

Dave Barry: Official website with biography, FAQ for students, appearance schedule, list of books, and natterings (similar sites)

Congressman Al Green (TX-9): Official site of U.S. Representative Al Green (TX-9), Democratic party (similar sites)

H2Odotcom: Water-Related Pseudoscience and Quackery: Critical examination of the scientific validity of various "alternative" devices promoted to treat water, including magnetic and catalytic devices purported to remove hardness and chlorine, "clustered water," electromagnetic treatment, and light-based treatments (similar sites)

High Voltage Experimenter's Handbook: A collection of practical theoretical and empirical data to aid experimenters on using or working with high voltage (similar sites)

International Scooterists BBS: Bulletin board for enthusiasts (similar sites)

City of Kelowna: Official site. Bylaw details, community events, government departments, news, and statistics (similar sites)

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