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Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grisham: Official website of the U.S. Representative for the 1st District of New Mexico (similar sites)

Medical Sciences Division: Links to information on research, admissions information for prospective medical students, the medical course for existing students, and the constituent departments (similar sites)

New Humanists on the Internet: Basic information on the Humanist Movement, an international organization focusing on this world (similar sites)

Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area: Official Forest Service site for this large park in western Tennessee and Kentucky. Resource management information, wildlife and historical features, visitor information, rules and regulations, and regional tourism links (similar sites)

Tuskegee University: A historically black college that offers many programs of study as well as several research and study programs (similar sites)

Congressman G.K. Butterfield: Official web site for Representative G.K. Butterfield (D - NC, 1st District) (similar sites)

Electrical Contractors Association: Trade association that aims to increase safety, promote training and develop a business environment for electrical contractors. Includes health and safety information, current issues, member search and contact details (similar sites)

American Legion National Headquarters: Provides detailed information on issues such as female personnel, Agent Orange, Hepatitis and economic concerns. Provides contact information (similar sites)

Search Engine Land: News and information about search engine marketing, optimization and how search engines work for searchers (similar sites)

101 Reasons Why I'm a Vegetarian: From the VivaVegie Society (similar sites)

Saint Mary's Hospital: Catholic acute-care hospital serving the greater Waterbury area (similar sites)

KWHL: KWHL 106.5 rock, Anchorage, Mat-Su (similar sites)

D Programming Language: Compiled, garbage collected, simpler C/C++ replacement by Walter Bright (wrote first DOS C++ compiler). Maximum similarity to C/C++, except where backward compatibility hurts. Overview, specification, download. [Digital Mars (similar sites)

World Bridge Federation: The official site of the body responsible for organizing world championships (similar sites)

Issues in Science & Technology: Journal published by the National Academy Press (U.S.) - Publicly available archives going back many years from influential people in US government science policy (similar sites)

Benefits Link: Summaries of recent employment benefits law articles with links to the full text, a searchable archive, and additional links to related resources (similar sites)

Alastair Reynolds - Science and Fiction: The author's own web site. Contains biography, news column, photographs and information about published writings (similar sites)

Senate: Information on the Australian Senate and its Senators (similar sites)

Aminet: Large collection of freeware/shareware/GPL Amiga software and information. Aminet has mirrors across the globe (similar sites)

LA Radio People: Current radio news for free updated several times a week. Also provides about where current and former "LA Radio People" are, and publishes a book with classic stories from "the biz" (similar sites)

Greater San Diego Business Association: Empowers and promotes gay and lesbian businesses, professionals, and supportive members of the gay and lesbian community (similar sites)

Blakeney Manor: Home of the Scarlet Pimpernel: Includes information on the book series, e-texts, images of movies, sounds, and history (similar sites)

In the Beginning was the Command Line: A history of operating systems, by Neal Stephenson, the author of such novels as 'Snow Crash', 'The Diamond Age' and 'Zodiac' (similar sites)

New Hampshire Department of State - Elections Division: Information on voting in NH, voting districts, candidate filing requirements and fees, past election results, and registered lobbyists and political action committees (similar sites)

The International Centre for Birds of Prey: Probably the most significant collection of Birds of Prey in the world, with around 300 birds of prey and owls. Leading the world in captive breeding, having bred 50 species so far (similar sites)

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